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Beatles Cover Versions

Songs of the Beatles have been covered since 1963, and sometimes in huge numbers. Thousands of these Beatles covers can be found here, in selections by medialists, songs or performing artists. All these items contain at the least one Beatles Cover Version.




The selection of tributes show that it was not only just the Beatles' music that had influence on other artists. The Beatles' album sleeve art had huge impact and still is an example to parody on.




The statistics pages give an idea about how the covering of Beatles's songs changed over the time. What songs are popular, and in which year is a certain song more covered then others. And yes, the amount of Beatles cover versions seems to be endless.


7046 Unique Cover Versions

2378 Artists (covering Beatles songs)

1304 Items with Beatles Cover Versions


Most covered

Top ten covered songs over several periods. Have a look and enjoy.

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