Beatles Cover Versions by: Assagai

CD - Various Artists Exotic Beatles 4  (Plastic Soul)
Various Artists
Exotic Beatles 4 (Plastic Soul)


CD CD   EU 2011 (Exotica Records PelĂ© 15CD)


02 Back in the U.S.S.R.Baba Yaga    Lennon-McCartney (McCartney)    2011  You Tube  
03 Kon' Togethy   (Come together)Bugotak    Lennon-McCartney (Lennon)    2011  as: Kon' Togethy
05 A hard day's nightD.E.F. Orkestra    Lennon-McCartney (Lennon)    2011  You Tube  
06 TaxmanBozo Allegro    Harrison    2011  You Tube  
08 And I love herBoney Nem    Lennon-McCartney (McCartney)    2011
09 Hey judeAssagai    Lennon-McCartney (McCartney)    2011
10 Run for your lifeBrian Sewell    Lennon-McCartney    2011
11 Surfing' USSR   (Back in the U.S.S.R.)Thurston Lava Tube    Lennon-McCartney (McCartney)    2011  as: Surfing' USSR
12 With a little help from my friendsAriel    Lennon-McCartney    2011
14 Doctor RobertQuartetto da Cinque    Lennon-McCartney (Lennon)    1993  You Tube    Sung in Catalonian
15 Eleanor RigbyNeck Valve    Lennon-McCartney (McCartney)    2011
17 Alle nun zussamen   (All together now)Klaus Beyer    Lennon-McCartney (McCartney)    2011  as: Alle nun zussamen
19 She loves youUnknown Artist    Lennon-McCartney    2011
20 Day tripperBeatle Barkers    Lennon-McCartney    2011  You Tube  
21 Here, there and everywhereBozo Allegro    Lennon-McCartney (McCartney)    2011  You Tube  
23 And I love her7B    Lennon-McCartney (McCartney)    2011
24 Can't buy me loveSingapore Shan Kuan Liu Yun    Lennon-McCartney (McCartney)    2011  You Tube    Japanese?
26 When I'm sixty-fourThurston Lava Tube    Lennon-McCartney (McCartney)    2011  You Tube  
27 Hey judeBanda Plastica de Tepetlixpa    Lennon-McCartney (McCartney)    2011
28 Yellow submarineAriel    Lennon-McCartney (McCartney)    2011




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