Beatles Cover Versions by: Abbey Road

Abbey Road
I can't believe it's not The Beatles (OST Sgt Pepper's lonely hearts club band)


CD CD   (Pegasus ICBINCD 006)


01 Sgt. Pepper's lonely hearts club band    Lennon-McCartney    2000
02 With a little help from my friends    Lennon-McCartney    2000
03 Getting better    Lennon-McCartney (McCartney)    2000
04 Lucy in the sky with diamonds    Lennon-McCartney (Lennon)    2000
05 Got to get you into my life    Lennon-McCartney (McCartney)    2000
06 Strawberry fields forever    Lennon-McCartney (Lennon)    2000
07 Come together    Lennon-McCartney (Lennon)    2000
08 The long and winding road    Lennon-McCartney (McCartney)    2000
09 Get back    Lennon-McCartney (McCartney)    2000




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