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LP - Various Artists Let it be Revisited
Various Artists
Let it be Revisited


LP LP   UK 2010 (Mojo MOJO 01)
Including Mojo Magazin oktober 2010


Side A

A-01 Two of usJohn Grant    Lennon-McCartney    2010  You Tube  
A-02 Dig a ponyDennis Locorriere    Lennon-McCartney    2010
A-03 Across the universePhosphorescent    Lennon-McCartney (Lennon)    2010
A-04 I me mineBeth Orton    Harrison    2010  You Tube  
A-04b Dig itBeth Orton    Lennon-McCartney (Lennon)    2010
A-05 Let it beAmorphous Androgynous    Lennon-McCartney (McCartney)    2010  Part 1

Side B

B-01 Let it beAmorphous Androgynous    Lennon-McCartney (McCartney)    2010  Part 2
B-02 Maggie maeC.W. Stoneking    Trad.    2010
B-03 I've got a feelingBesnard Lakes    Lennon-McCartney    2010  You Tube  
B-04 One after 909Wilko Johnson    Lennon-McCartney    2010
B-05 The long and winding roadJudy Collins    Lennon-McCartney (McCartney)    2010
B-06 For you bluePete Molinari    Harrison    2010  You Tube  
B-07 Get backJim Jones Revue    Lennon-McCartney (McCartney)    2010






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