Give peace a chance

Give peace a chance 4 March 2022 at 08.45 AM, over 100 European radio stations broadcasted "Give peace a chance" by John Lennon (1969).
The radio stations broadcasted this all at the same time to give listeners hope. It was even broadcasted in Ukraine.
The statement of John was recorded live in a hotelroom in Montreal Canada. During the seventies it had great impact on anti Vietnam-war demonstrations.
Of course, "Give peace a chance" also has been covered.
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Louis Armstrong, 1970


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Let It Be, 50+

More than 50 years ago, November 26th 1970, Let It Be was released. It was to be the last Beatles (studio) album and it received mixed reviews. Especially Phil Spector's production work was not to everyone's liking. The heavy orchestration was seen as overkill.
Still, singles like "Let It Be", "Get Back" and "The Long and Winding Road" became hits.

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