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Tina Turner - Help!

May 24 2023 Legendary Tina Turner Died

Besides all the hits and live performances that made Tina a legendary singer, she also covered several Beatles songs that were received well. Most are produced together with her husband Ike Turner.
After she diforced him, as solo artist in 1984 Help! was released on lp and single.
Her version of Help! sounds like a personal cry for help and seems to be influenced by the troublesome life she had with her ex-husband Ike Turner.


Help! - Tina Turner


Give peace a chance

Give peace a chance 4 March 2022 at 08.45 AM, over 100 European radio stations broadcasted "Give peace a chance" by John Lennon (1969).
The radio stations broadcasted this all at the same time to give listeners hope. It was even broadcasted in Ukraine.
The statement of John was recorded live in a hotelroom in Montreal Canada. During the seventies it had great impact on anti Vietnam-war protests.
Of course, "Give peace a chance" also has been covered.
Here you will find some more...


Louis Armstrong, 1970


Covering Beatles songs

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Songs of the Beatles have been covered since 1963, and sometimes in huge numbers. Thousands of these Beatles covers can be found here, in selections of media lists, songs, or performing artists. All these items contain at least one Beatles Cover Version.


Sgt. Pepper's 
	lonely hearts club band

Sgt. Pepper's lonely hearts club band

To remember its release at 1967-05-26 in the UK

Right after it's release it was clear that Sgt. Pepper was an example for other bands and artists of how popmusic could develope. Songs like A day in the life with an example of an free burst out of the orchestra and the use of a song text that could tell a story, ask a question or add imagination. It also inspired artists to create cover versions of Sgt. Pepper songs with their own creativity. The most known cover fom this album is Joe Cocker's own interpretation of With a little help from my friends that became a hit. When I'm Sixty Four also leaded to new interpretations, many of them humoristic.

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Sleeve Tributes




Sleeve tributes

The selection of tributes shows that it was not only just the Beatles' music that had influence on other artists. The Beatles' album sleeve art had huge impact and still is an object for parodies.

Covers and Beatlemania


Although the first Beatles single Love me do (october 5, 1962) has been covered in 1962, in 1963 there is a quick growing number of cover songs of Beatles songs. At first there are the translations, released in the language of the musicians own country's language. But soon we also see covers in genres like Jazz, Soul, Classical, Humor etc.
It all meant a wider view on the melodies and texts of Beatles songs. These releases also added to the impact of Beatlemania.

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Beatles Cover Versions over the years


The statistics pages give an idea about how the covering of Beatles's songs changed over the time. What songs are popular and in which year a certain song is more covered than others. And yes, the amount of Beatles cover versions seems to be endless.