Beatles Cover Versions by: Alessi's Ark


Harrison Covered - An Exclusive Tribute To George
Various Artists
CD   CD   UK 2011 (Mojo november 2011)
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01 If i needed someone   Show of Hands     Harrison   2011
02 I need you   Webb Sisters     Harrison   2011   You Tube
03 Give me love   Ron Sexsmith     Harrison   2011
04 Here comes the sun   Richie Havens     Harrison   1971   You Tube
05 Ballad of Sir Frankie Crisp   Alessi's Ark     Harrison   2011
06 Long long long   Lanterns on the lake     Harrison   2011
08 All those years ago   Emmy the great     Harrison   2011
09 My sweet lord   Hurray for the Riff Raff     Harrison   2011   You Tube
10 Think for yourself   Peter Bruntnell     Harrison   2011
11 So sad   Iain Matthews     Harrison   2011   You Tube
12 That's the way it goes   Joe Brown     Harrison   2011   You Tube
13 Your love is forever   Trevor Moss & Hannah Lou     Harrison   2011
14 Behind that locked door   Felice Brothers     Harrison   2011
15 Love you to   Jim James     Harrison   2011   You Tube



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