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Beatles in Jazz - A Jazzy Tribute to the Fab Four
Various Artists
CD CD   SA (EQ Music EA 72530)      
01 All my loving   Lisa Lauren   Lennon-McCartney (McCartney)   2006   You Tube
02 Eleanor Rigby   Liane Caroll   Lennon-McCartney (McCartney)   2005   You Tube
03 Blackbird   Tok Tok Tok   Lennon-Mcartney (McCartney)
04 The long and winding road   Maci Miller   Lennon-McCartney (McCartney)
05 Help!   Tammy Weis   Lennon-McCartney (Lennon)   You Tube
06 Come together   Tok Tok Tok   Lennon-McCartney (Lennon)   You Tube
07 Drive my car   RJ Ross   Lennon-McCartney (McCartney)
08 Can't buy me love   Katrine Madsen   Lennon-McCartney (McCartney)   2006   You Tube
09 Get back   Tok Tok Tok   Lennon-McCartney (McCartney)
10 A hard day's night   Bobo Moreno   Lennon-McCartney (Lennon)
11 Day tripper   Tok Tok Tok   Lennon-McCartney
12 Here comes the sun   Lisa Lauren   Harrison   2006
13 In my life   Veronica Mortensen   Lennon-McCartney (Lennon)   2007   You Tube
14 Love me do   Lisa Lauren   Lennon-McCartney (McCartney)   2006
15 We can work it out   Tok Tok Tok   Lennon-McCartney
16 With a little help from my friends   Lisa Lauren   Lennon-McCartney   2006
17 Let it be   Manuela Laerke   Lennon-McCartney (McCartney)



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