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Mersey beat 62-64 - The Sound of Liverpool
Various Artists
2-LP   2-LP   UK 1974 (United Artists USD 305/6)
Liverpool groups (2LP mono incl. inners)
LP 1

Side B

1B-03 Some other guy   Big Tree     Leiber-Stoller-Barrett   1974
1B-09 Skinny Minnie   Lee Curtis & All Stars     Haley, Bill & the Comets   1974
LP 2

Side A

2A-01 Money (thats's what I want)   Shakers     Bradford-Gordy   1974
2A-08 Dizzy miss Lizzy   Escorts     Williams   1974

Side B

2B-02 Twist and shout   Searchers     Medley-Russell   1974




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Items with Dizzy miss Lizzy    (Item: 01932)