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Tribe sing the creative genius of Harrison, Lennon & McCartney
LP   LP   US 1971 (Pickwick SPC 3265)

Side A

A-01 Let it be   Tribe   Lennon-McCartney (McCartney)   1971
A-02 Something   Tribe   Harrison   1972
A-03 Why (can't you love me again)   Tribe   Sheridan-Crompton   1971   Ono Composition
A-04 My sweet lord   Tribe   Harrison   1972

Side B

B-01 Isn't it a pity   Tribe   Harrison   1971
B-02 Junk   Tribe   McCartney   1971
B-03 Mother   Tribe   Lennon   1971
B-04 Maybe I'm amazed   Tribe   McCartney   1971




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