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LP - Big Four Beatles Party


Beatles Party
Big Four
LP LP   BE 1973? (MFP MFP 5680)      
French popgroup from the 70s. (see also German LP 'Beatles Party' with 2 tracks less)

Side A

A-01 Come together Lennon-McCartney (Lennon)   1973?
A-02 Bangla Desh Harrison   1973?
A-03 Another day McCartney, Paul & Linda   1973?
A-04 My sweet lord Harrison   1973?
A-05 Here comes the sun Harrison   1973?
A-06 Mother Lennon   1973?
A-07 What is life Harrison   1973?

Side B

B-01 Hi hi hi McCartney   1973?
B-02 If not for you Dylan   1973?
B-03 Power to the people Lennon   1973?
B-04 Back of boogaloo Starkey (Starr)   1973?
B-05 Mary had a little lamb McCartney, Paul & Linda   1973?
B-06 Woman is the nigger of the world Lennon   1973?
B-07 Imagine Lennon   1973?



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