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BOOK - Scott Johnson Gear! - Please Please Me - A Guide to the Cover Versions of The Beatles' First Album

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Gear! - Please Please Me - A Guide to the Cover Versions of The Beatles' First Album
Scott Johnson
BOOK   BOOK   US 2015 (Skotnic Press) - ISBN 978-0-692-39273-7


Paperback, 23x15,5cm, 338 p.


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The Songs of The Beatles Covered by the Musicians of the World
We Live in The Golden Age Of Beatles Music
The music of the world's greatest rock band did not end in 1970 with their last studio album, or in 1996 with "The Antology" series.
In reality there is new material coming out on an almost daily basis, as legacy musicians pick up on the root influences of their own generation; as jazz and swing musicians shift their focus froms the tandards of the 30s and 40s to the popular favorites of their own time; and as twenty-first century pop artists unearth The Beatles as though it is their own private siscovery.
The wealth of cover versions is so inmense that they cannot be taken on in one volume. Here are the songs from the first Beatles album and a look at the artists who have made them their own. Welcome to the unveiling of the great, the unknown and the unexpectedly inspired musicians creating today's new and totally gear Beatle music.

SCOTT JOHNSON has been enjoying, playing and studying the music of The BEATLES since the evening he and his siblings thrilled to their first Ed Sullivan appearance in glorius black an white. He is currently working on the second volume of the GEAR series.




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