Cover versions released in: 1983



She's a woman
B.B. & Q. Band
SINGLE   SINGLE   NL 1983 (Capitol 1A 006 1868247)      
A She's a woman Lennon-McCartney (McCartney)   1983
And I love her / Come back Suzanne
Rick Nolov
SINGLE   SINGLE   NL 1983 (Sky 3922)      
A And I love her Lennon-McCartney (McCartney)   1983
I'll cry instead
Billy Joel
SINGLE   SINGLE   NL 1983 (CBS CBSA 4083)      
This night
B I'll cry instead Lennon-McCartney (Lennon)   1983
Encore 24 mei 1981 Concertgebouw
Louis v. Dijk & Daniel Wayenberg
LP   LP   NL 1983 (Polydor 2925 121)      
B-01 Beatles medley Lennon-McCartney   1983
25 Jaar Alkmaarse Volksmuziekschool
Various Artists
LP   LP   NL 1983 (SP 400393)      
B-02 Let it be   Bert Baars Jazz-combo o.l.v.   Lennon-McCartney (McCartney)   1983
Tribute To The Beatles
Unknown Artist
LP   LP   YUG 1983 (RTL Sokoi LL 0745)      
A Beatles medley Lennon-McCartney   1982
B I want to hold your hand Lennon-McCartney   1982
Beatle Barkers
Beatle Barkers (Woofers and Tweeters)
LP   LP   AU 1983 (Passport PB 6032)      
cut out
16 James Bond film themes
Studio London Orchestra
LP   LP   NL 1983 (Discovery 8515)      
B-02 Live and let die McCartney   1983
Beatles In Classic
12 Cellisten der Berliner Philharmoniker
LP   LP   DE 1983 (Teldec 6 25579 AS)      
Imagine / Happy Xmas
Joan Collins
SINGLE   SINGLE   NL 1983 (Friends 190.018)      
A Imagine Lennon   1983
B Happy Xmas (war is over) Lennon   1983
Beatles disco-show
Royal Club Disco Stars
LP   LP   NL 1983 (MCR MCR 088)      
Ed Starink product, a Dutch aranger (Promotional Record for Royal Club drinks)
Plays the greatest songs of the Beatles
James Last
LP   LP   UK 1983 (Polydor POLD 5119)      
Dear prudence
Siouxsie & Banshees
SINGLE   SINGLE   NL 1983 (Polydor 815501-7)      
A Dear Prudence Lennon-McCartney (Lennon)   1983
Die grössten songs von the Beatles
James Last
CD   CD   DE 1983 (Polydor )      
Glass Museum
SINGLE   SINGLE   FR 1983 (Vogue VG 108)      
Typical 90's version
A Day tripper Lennon-McCartney   1983

Cover versions released in: 1983