Cover versions released in: 2002



The long and winding road
Top Of The Poppers
CD   CD   DE 2002 (Hallmark 702812)      
John, Paul and all that Jazz
Roger Webb and his Trio
CD   CD   UK 2002 (Roller Coaster RCCD 3047)      
Including booklet (MONO recordings)
The long and Winding Road
Will - Gareth Gates Young
CD-single   CD-single   EU 2002 (BMG )      
01 The long and winding road Lennon-McCartney (McCartney)   2002
Eight Days a Week
Dandy Warhols
CD-single   CD-single   2002 (Capitol 7 24355 06160)      
03 Eight days a week Lennon-McCartney   2002
Ticket to Ride - A Beatles Tribute
Swingle Singers
CD   CD   US 2002 (A Capella Records PAC 3355)      
A cappela singing
Elvis Sings Beatles Songs
CD-single   CD-single   US 2002 (BMG DPC 13257)      
Basie on the beatles
Count Basie & His Orchestra
CD   CD   ES 2002 (Ocium OCM 0022)      
CD with carton oversleeve
Come together - A night for John Lennon's Words & Music
Various Artists
DVD   DVD   US 2002 (EV classics EVDVD062)      
Dedicated to New York City and its people
The Blues White Album
Various Artists
CD   CD   EU 2002 (Telarc CD-83553)      
With a little help from my friends
Various Artists
CD   CD   DE 2002 (Pirate 508260)      
Meet the Beatles (Live in Paris)
CD   CD   EU 2002 (Riverside RRC 005)      
Back to the Beatles
Various Artists
CD   CD   DE 2002 (Bergkamen Jugendamt)      
Mainly punk- or metal- isch versions
Goodbye Geoge Harrison
Den Fiori
CD   CD   IT 2002 (Azzura TRI 1022)      
Drive my car
SINGLE   SINGLE   DE 2002 (Fanboy Fan 202)      
A Drive my car Lennon-McCartney (McCartney)   2002
B-01 I want to hold your hand Lennon-McCartney   2002
B-02 Run for your life Lennon-McCartney   2002
Beat the Punkles
CD   CD   DE 2002 (Bitzcore 18195 206929)      
Beat the Punkles
LP   LP   DE 2002 (Bitzcore 18195 206912)      
Sing the Beatles
CD   CD   US 2002 (Chesky JD 220)      
Twistin' the rock 16
CD   CD   EU 2002 (Mercury 548 931-2)      

Cover versions released in: 2002