Cover versions released in: 2006



Daytripper - A Beatles tribute
Deborah, J. Carter
CD   CD   NL 2006 (Timeless CD SJP 473)      
Tomorrow Never Knows
Cat Designers
CD   CD   UK 2006 (Googlie Mooglie GOOCD 003)      
Plays Beatles No 1's
CD   2CD   DE 2006 (Zounds 27000 60062)      
Beatle Hits Flamenco Guitar Style
Sonny Curtis
CD   CD   UK 2006 (Cherry Red ACMEM 84CD)      
Nothing's Gonna Change My World
Barbara Dickson
CD   CD   UA 2006 (UMG 02498 54545)      
Revolution #9
Durham Ox Singers
SINGLE   SINGLE   UK 2006 (Sorted Records SRS 015)      
A Revolution nr 9 Lennon-McCartney (Lennon)   2006
Choral Beatles
Kennedy Choir
CD   CD   AR 2006 (Musicbrokers MBB 9827)      
Loves the Beatles
Lisa Lauren
CD   CD   US 2006 (Planet Jazz 64328-7111-2)      
Beatles Baroque Vol III
Les Boréades (Eric Milnes)
CD   CD   CA 2006 (Atma Classoque ACD2 2351)      
Dance To The Hits Of The Beatles
Jack Nitzsche
CD   CD   US 2006 (Collectors Choice Mu CCM-688)      
The Baroque Beatles Book
Joshua Rifkin
CD   CD   US 2006 (Collectors' choice CCM 684)      
In classic baroque style
Perform A Tribute To The Beatles
Silver Beatles
CD   CD   EU 2006 (Sony BMG 88697 02474 2)      
A Tribute To The Beatles
Strawberry Beats
DVD   DVD   NL 2006 (Ambianz AZ 300714)      
Niet the Beatles
Tetteroo en Swildens
CD-single   CD-single   NL 2006 (De Wrede Kater Gazon Producties)      
New Promo CD 2006
The Beatles Revival
CD   CD   CZ 2006 (Rychnol CD 2006)      
A Tribute To The Rubber Soul Album By The Beatles
Various Artists
CD   CD   DE 2006 (Razor and Tie ZYX 20762-2)      
German version of the 2005 US album 'This Bird Has Flown'
Baby Road - The Beatles lovely songs for babies
Various Artists
CD   CD   AR 2006 (EMI Odeon 0946 3735172)      
Best Of The Beatles Classical Interpretations
Various Artists
CD   CD   US 2006 (Intersound 6553)      
Butchering the Beatles (A Headbashing Tribute)
Various Artists
CD   CD   EU 2006 (Restless REST 73801)      

Cover versions released in: 2006