Beatles Covers on CD



Pay Tribute To The Beatles
101 Strings
CD   CD   EU 1996 (Madacy UAL-2-5022)      
Best of the Beatles
101 Strings Orchestra
CD   CD   CA 2004 (Madacy DPS2 50540)      
4 Beadochons Dans Le Vent
4 Beadochons Dans Le Vent
CD   CD   FR 1992 (Remark 517 194-2)      
I can't believe it's not The Beatles
Abbey Road
CD   CD   DE 2000 (Pegasus ICBINCD 006)      
Original Sound Track Sgt. Pepper's lonely hearts club band
The Beatles 2 By Abbey Road
Abbey Road
CD   CD   US 2005 (Miami Records 19077)      
All Your Life
Al Di Meola
CD   CD   DE 2013 (Inakustic 9128)      
Tori Amos
CD   CD   EU 2001 (Atlantic 7567-83486-2)      
10 Happiness is a warm gun Lennon-McCartney (Lennon)   2001
Jan Rot hertaalt Beatles + Stones
An + Jan + Jan
CD   CD   NL 2010 (Okapi 2010-2)      
Autographed by Jan Rot and Marjolein Meijers
Magical Mystery Tour
CD   CD   NL 2017 (Decca 0 602567 232261)      
Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band - Live
CD   CD   EU 2017 (Decca 576 868-1)      
Blessed Burden
Carleen Anderson
CD   CD   EU 1998 (Circa Records 7 24384 56822 1 CIRC)      
06 Maybe I'm amazed McCartney   1998
The Originals Vol.11 - Music For Lovers
Anthony Ventura Orchestra
CD   CD   DE 1988 (VIDISC 111.30007)      
12 Mull of Kintyre McCartney   1988
Off the Beatle Track
Apple Jam
CD   CD   US 2009 (Roseta 84501 18906)      
Rockabye Baby!
Michael Armstrong
CD   CD   US 2007 (Babyrock Records CD 9616)      
Ragtime Beatles
John Arpin
CD   CD   US 1986 (Fanfare Records CDD 373)      
Abbey Road - A Capella
Atrium Ensemble
CD   CD   DE 2008 (Musicaphon M 56893)      
Beautiful Beatles
Aureole Trio
CD   CD   US 2009 (E1 Music KIC CD 7755)      
The best of the Beatles
Austria Pop Symphony
CD   CD   DE 1990 (ZYX CLS 4121)      

Beatles Covers on CD