Video Tips

Most of the Beatles Cover Versions are not worth remembering. Only a small part of all releases is really more then just another version of the same song.
From that small part only a portion shows an interpretation that sheds a new light on the song or provide us new insights into the meaning of the original song.
On these pages are some of my personal choices of wich I think they are changing our ideas and give us some extra's in terms of meaning or performance. Enjoy!


I want to hold your hand - SATB Virtual Choir

April 2020 - Arranged for a Quarantined Virtual SATB Choir and sung by choristers from across the World. First release with 16 voices.

Eleanor Rigby - Foivos Zacharopoulos

March 2020 - Athens. Metal elements in a soft Greek sauce. Intruiging and new.

While my guitar gently weeps - Jake Shimabukuro

April 2006 - A different take on both song and the Ukulele. Stunning performance.

How? - Ozzy Osbourne

2010 - A 70th Birthday tribute to John Lennon. Recorded and filmed for Amnesty International. Ozzy does a very impressive and touching tribute to his own hero.

Imagine - David Bowie

December 1983. A moving tribute performance to remember the death of John, december 1980.

It's for you - Mr. Big

2009 - Live 'Back at Budokan'. Heavy rocking stuff.

I need you - The Webb Sisters

2011 - Released on a MOJO Magazine George Harrison tribute CD. This is sweet, but it struck me...
Produced by Peter Asher, from 'Peter & Gordon'. Did Peter do some of the backing vocals?

I need You - The Sunshine Company

1967 - Sweet Flower Power version of this 1965 George Harrison song. This has its own feeling and meaning.

Taxman - Junior Parker

1970 - Soul with a pre Rap feeling. It gives me a big smile.

Medley - 20 Beatles Songs - Walk Off The Earth

2020 - Live medley, enthousiastic transitions by a fresh new generation.

I Am The Walrus - Spooky Tooth

1970 - An early adaptation. Heavy and with its own arangement which is still intruiging.

Tomorrow never knows - The Mission

1987 - The original version, a heavy and psychedelic trip to the 80's.

Tomorrow never knows - Los Lobos

1993 - Live. Heavy and psychedelic all together. Beatles would be proud. This has a real intense feeling. Great!

Mother - David Bowie

1998 - A never officially released track. Bowie really does his own version.

And not to forget

With a little help from my friends - Joe Cocker

11.20 Minutes long. Joe made his own version already back in 1968 (Woodstock). This masterpiece performance dates from much much later but has it all, strong and full of feeling. Classic in many ways.